Is there Viagra for Women?

When "Viagra" for men gained popularity, women became interested in the question if there is a "female" Viagra. Indeed, there is a medicine for women, which causes the same effect. Female sildenafil is the active ingredient of the drug. The product has proven pharmacological qualities and is well tolerated by the female body.

Sildenafil, when ingested, helps increase libido and sensitivity of the genitals. Thanks to it, natural lubrication is intensively produced, which eliminates painful sensations for women who suffer from chronic vaginal dryness.

The medicine is a pink diamond-shaped pill. In addition to the active ingredient, the drug includes a number of auxiliary components.

After taking the pill, a woman becomes liberated and relaxed. A blush appears on her cheeks, nipples and clitoris swell, sensitivity increases, and arousal increases. The drug ensures a more active blood supply to the genitals and regulates the work of the Bartholin gland, which is responsible for the release of a sufficient amount of vaginal lubrication.

When Viagra became available, some women tried to use it as an experiment. They noted that the state of arousal was much stronger, erotic sensations during intercourse were brighter, and orgasms were more enchanting. Thus, the question "Is there a female Viagra" has a positive answer.